Yesterday morning, at box offices all around Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in all the countries of the region and the world, the first tickets for Festival 84 organized by the EXIT team became available! At the end of the day, by the time the box offices closed, over 3,000 visitors from the region and the world had secured their tickets for the upcoming Exit visit to the Olympic mountain of Jahorina! Given the fact that the biggest winter festivals host around 7-8,000 people daily, the start of sales shows that Festival 84 will, in its first year, become one of the biggest winter festivals in Europe and the world, placing Jahorina among the most attractive winter centers in Europe!

After the EXIT Summer of Love 2017, the biggest festival undertaking in the region, featuring Sea Dance at Jaz, Revolution in Timisoara, Sea Star in Umag and, of course, the central EXIT festival in Novi Sad, the new EXIT Freedom project in 2018 will be even bigger because the fifth member will join up – the Festival 84! The first edition of Festival 84 will take place from March 15 to 18 next year at multiple locations at the Jahorina Olympic Center.

The first confirmed performers will soon be announced for the new festival organized by the EXIT team, created using the 2+2 formula, which worked extremely well at the Sea Star Festival in Umag. The first day will, therefore, have a warm-up party, and in the following two days the festival will be at full capacity, both during the day at the ski run and during the evening in a prefabricated building at the courts in front of Bistrica Hotel, as well as the other indoor locations, both in Bistrica and other venues.

The last day will be reserved for the closing party.