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Helem Nejse

  Saturday, March 17th

Sarajevo’s Helem Nejse is coming straight to the Olympic peaks of Jahorina on Friday, March 16th! Laughter, dance and music hits created in the past three years of continuous painstaking birthing of rhymes on the base of bombastic music backgrounds is what awaits Festival 84’s audience!

Their approach to interacting with crowds is what makes them unique and different than any other live band you will encounter. Helem Nejse’s debut album was released in April, 2017 under a rather intense name – “Go u Gostima” (Naked At Guests’ House) and was sold out in record time. With this album Helem Nejse has opened up to a regional perspective, and with memorable music videos which went viral.

They joined forces with Belgrade’s famous musician Marko Luis and released their latest regional hit “Kabadahija” and with that announced a new album which will storm through our ears in the autumn of 2018!

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